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All business hours are by appointment only. Delivery estimates and job estimates are just that, estimates. We are at the mercy of some manufacturers and distributors for build and repair parts. We try and keep a reasonable stocking inventory on the parts we commonly use so those parts should be readily available. After receiving your firearm for repair a quote will be sent to the email address you provided. Repairs and parts will not begin or be ordered until the quote is accepted. THE HOURLY RATE FOR REPAIRS IS $87.85/HR ($46.65 minimum). The "Services" button has job pricing. Please see if your services are listed there before calling and asking for a quote. Customers have 7 days after receiving their invoice and notification to retrieve their firearm and make payment. There is a 2% service & storage fee every day past the 7-day window.

I would highly recommend training with Steve to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again!

John Farmer

I would like to thank you for taking your time yesterday to do one-on-one training with me. You did an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the correct way to fire a firearm. 
Again thank you for your time and expertise! I will definitely be referring you to my friends and family!!!

Tracy Carbaugh

Awesome private class for my grandson aged 15. Steve spent a lot of time with him. Great instructor!

Diane Williams

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Does your firearm need repair or are you looking for a modification? Don’t worry - we’ll take care of everything. We make sure repairs are easy and hassle-free. Call our customer service representatives to schedule an appointment.

General Gunsmith Services

Hourly Rate - $87.85

Disassembling, Cleaning, Oiling & Reassembling; Safety Checks; Test Firing; Refinishing; Bore Sighting; Firearm Sight-Ins
Scope Mounting; Drilling & Tapping Barrel for Receiver Sights; Service Parts

1911 Services

We Know What We’re Doing

Trigger Job - $123.90
Bobtail Mainspring - $165.10
Install Ambi Safety - $87.85
Replace Ejector - $87.85
Fit New Barrel/Bushing - $123.90
Replace Extractor - $87.85
Fit Beavertail Safety - $87.85
Fit Hammer - $87.85


What You’re Looking For

Custom Work and Machining Hourly - $103.30/hr
Fitting Rifle Action to New Stock - $329.90
Fit and Install Recoil Pad to Stock - $87.85
Drill & Tap New Scope Mounting - $123.90

AK 47 Services

Only the Best

Pin Front Sight Tower - $87.85
Pin Gas Block - $87.85
Fit and Install Furniture - $87.85
Remove Side Scope Mount - $216.60
Sight-In Iron Sights - $87.85
Single Point Sling Mount Install - $87.85

AR-15 Services

We Know What We’re Doing

Pin Low Profile Gas Block - $87.85
Pin A2 Front Sight Tower - $87.85
Install Free Float Handguard - $87.85
Trigger Group Install and Fit - $87.85
Optic Mount and Sight - $87.85
Sight in Iron Sights - $87.85

Shotgun Services

What You’re Looking For

Install Combat Sights - $123.90
Shorten Barrel - $113.60
Install Bead Sight - $113.60 per bead
Cut/Crown/Cold Blue - $113.60
Install Muzzle Device - $87.85
Polish Trigger Internals - $113.60
Replace Furniture - $87.85

Install Sling Studs - $46.65

Additional Fees

Service Subtitle

Shop Fee (Lubricant, Cleaner, etc.) -$6.43
While-you-wait Surcharge - $26.32
Administrative Fee for parts orders - $25 Research Fee for hard-to-find parts - $26.32
Tool Fee for cutting, drilling or pinning - $26.32

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Only the Best


What You’re Looking For

Quality Assessment

We Know What We’re Doing


Current Value

Firearms Training

  • Basic Safety and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

    8 hr

    350.50 US dollars
  • Progressive pistol development course

    1 hr

    108.45 US dollars
Shooting Practice

Business Hours

By Appointment Only


Focused on Customer Service

Here at Deschain Arms, I take pride in my work. Whether you're a seasoned benchrest shooter, a first-time firearms owner, an avid hunter, or a tactical shooter, I can cater to your needs. We offer gunsmithing services, consignments, transfers and sales of firearms and aftermarket products. Whether you need us to track down that special firearm you have always wanted or to create you one that fits you correctly, we can do this for you. If you have questions about anything related to firearms we will answer them to the best of our ability. Thanks for looking at our website, and be sure to check out the projects section to see our latest creations. Please visit and like our social media sites which have additional photos of the shop and the projects, and updates about the latest happenings.

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